Friday, December 23, 2011

11 Awesome iPad Apps For Kids To Enjoy These Holidays

With the celebration of Hanukkah and Christmas comes the need to entertain the kids these holidays - so I dug into the App Store again to find the best apps for your kids to enjoy. Go ahead and flip over the slideshow - I've attached to the photos a direct download link with a short explanation. Most Apps are surprisingly free all the time, and some just for the weekend, so you better make sure you download them in time.Not all the Applications related to the holidays though, some are just for fun. But hey, this is what kids love to do anyway, right? Happy Holidays!Best Apps This Christmas

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Create Christmas Decorations with the Kids

From the creator of one of the best (if not the most) app for children Let's Create Pottery, arrives a new app for fun activity with the kids this holiday: Let's Create Christmas!

A very polished app, with lots of colorful elements to play with which makes it very attractive to use. Overall the App allows children to create stunning Christmas Ornament and send them to friends and family as a gift card via email. It is free but also has in-app purchase options (however the free version is superb and provide enough diversity).

I've created a short demo just because I had so much fun with it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Baby Apps By Fisher Price

Three new applications for babies, powered by Fisher Price, emerged the iTunes store today. All the applications are free with no in-app purchase surprises, combining short games and songs for preschoolers.

Each application related to child development and teaching in a very colorful environment all sort of things such as how to count from 1 to 10; animal names and the sounds they make; and about body parts with two fun characters, and music. Baby can tap or tilt the screen to interact with the animals, objects and characters.

Each application also promoting one product by Fisher Price, which is totally OK. Too bad you can't buy any of these products from the app itself. The other option will take you outside the app and into the site which is not such a great experience.

But other than that: the lovely graphic, the pleasant sound-effects, the lively colors, is what makes these three iPad apps so great.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lets Sing!

I found this great app by mistake and I'm not sure for how long it will stay free so grab it as fast as you can. This might be the best song app for kids on the entire app store, or at least the best one I've seen.

Started with a great list of 28 children’s songs, and continuing with lovely graphics and great navigation experience. Moreover, each song has 3 word exercises to teach your child the key words in the song.

Along with the songs there is a colorful game area with Card Matching, Puzzle, and Jigsaw to make this app even more enjoyable. (unlike the song area, this section has ads)

There are four song apps in this series, each cost $0.99 and designed for both iPhone and iPad.
Download the free app - Lets sing 4 here.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Best Free Halloween iPad Apps for Kids

There are so many Halloween Applications in the App store, so why it is so hard to find something worth playing with?! It seems to me that most of the games released around the date of Halloween holiday are trying to make money rather than to entertain your child, and that is a shame.

Since I choose apps carefully before recommending them here, I gathered some apps that are free, with no ads, and no in-app purchase surprises.

The first app has no external links in it, and it is just a playful game that will put a smile on a child's face. The Giggle Ghosts - Move 20 ghosts inside the house to start a party. Great sounds and graphics.

A sweet, and not scary at all, Halloween coloring book with no ads in it (which is probably the only free Halloween coloring book app in the entire app store that is with no advertising of any kind) Teo & Bianca Halloween Coloring Book

Halloween Puzzle allows children to drag and drop Halloween elements into places while playing some spooky melody in the background..

A simple Pumpkin Face Maker that easily allows to cut the pumpkin with your fingers to create a pumpkin face art. Unfortunately, there are no sharing options of any kind.

The Halloween Sound Shelf is a shelf full with Halloween related icons that each and every one of them makes a different sound (some might be scary for younger kids)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cute or Disturbing?

This video published today in so many places, it was hard to ignore. 

First, it made me smile, and feel sympathy that even us, iPad owners, sometimes click on magazines as if it is a tablet. 

But I can't help from wondering at the end of the video if that is a good thing?
You would not want your child to know how newspaper/book feels

I encourage the use and learning through the iPad (I opened this blog because of that ), but I personally think that parents also need to set a balance between something physical into something virtual and digital.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Simple Cognitive Puzzles for Toddlers

For those of you who have small children at the age of 1 to 3 years old, this educational application can be perfect for you. The application includes a collection of cognitive puzzles to enrich your children knowledge and allow them to experience colors and shapes matching for the first time.

Interesting to see how games don't change over the years and those games that we used to play with long time ago are still relevant to the current period. The only difference is that they are on the iPad.

German-based Tappie Colorit
offers a series of games in primary colors to make it easier to experience and
does not overload child's nervous system. With a simple drag & drop function, lovey graphics, and calm tones, your child will love this app.

This application cost $0:99, but here are 5 promo-codes for the first readers:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Your Child's First TV

I first heard about BabyFirst Mobile not too long ago, but hadn't yet had the chance to try out the app. Today, a promotion code landed in my inbox and reminded me it was time to examine the app.

To be honest, I’m used to usually just searching for free apps at the app store, but when it comes to children's app:
  1. Most of the apps aren’t free
  2. And if they are, they usually packed with advertising, or with in-app purchase.
There are some hidden treasures, of course, but those are hard to find.

The most common option for marketing an app is to create a lite app so people will be able to get a little taste of what is coming in the full version. Before reading the rest of my post, you might want to try the lite version first, and get your own preview.

Baby First TV is a colorful app designed to give young children their first TV experience. The app has 12 sections in different categories that are loaded with educational videos for kids.

In addition, there’s a parent's zone where they can customize the content to be visible or not.

No doubt that for $3.99 you get quite a lot content to keep your kids busy for a while. However, I couldn’t ignore some of the problematic navigation - for example: once your child is watching a video, he/she can't close out of it intuitively, (they will need to understand they have need to press the button in the corner for 2 seconds). I feel that this is useless button/function since if a child wants to switch videos, they should be able to do it quickly.

The second thing that I felt was missing is guidance, for the kids or the parents, or both. Moreover, I’d expect from this kind of product a better explanation of it's essence and purpose. It's too bad, the parent area looks a bit poor since ultimately it's them that have the purchasing power.

But if I wanted to focus on the content itself, it is absolutely wonderful, and I’m sure it is an app that kids will enjoy, regardless of what I say.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Today's Freebie: The Cutest Monster Match Game

I actually have two recommendation of great apps with loveable little monsters that your kids will love:
One app that goes free today is Monstory - A memory game with fun tones that plays each time a kid flip a card. There's no difficulty levels, but the set of cards somewhat changes on each game. Overall, a small brain trainer for children at the age of 3 to 5.

Usually this app cost $99, so if you miss this free offer, here's a monster-alternative app called Poke Me! HD. Now, I don't know why I haven't tried this before, but surprisingly it is one of the pet apps that is really free (from ads also). Your kids will enjoy to play with, feed, and poke this cute purple monster.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Bedtime Routine for Children - There's An App For That

A new application called Sprout's Good Night Star simulates the steps before going to bed: brushing teeth, washing face, reading a bedtime story, etc. This application also contains videos with songs, and some important activities which related to what children do before they get into bed.

The app is interactive and can be a fun game just before bedtime. But otherwise, it can be a tool for parents with particularly stubborn children who refuse to go to bed on time, or alternatively to brush teeth, etc..

Although this is a promotion app for a kids TV program, I find it to be an excellent and entertaining one.
Suitable for 3 to 6 years old.


Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Free Coloring-book Apps Worth Downloading

There are plenty of coloring apps in the Appstore, but most of them are not free, and if they are, they worth zero downloading. Why? They either look bad, using low resolution coloring pages, or lead outside the app almost immediately (ads, in-app fee, more).

I took these three basics under consideration while searching for the proper apps:
  1. Fun
  2. Educational
  3. Safe environment
Finally, I managed to find some treasures in an endless pile of applications:

Kids Color is a lovely coloring book, with a pleasant background music and an easy-to-use navigation tool for the young ones. The app comes from China and only recently added an English support (luckily). I've seen apps that cost money and doesn't look as good as this one. The only problem might be the fact that it has 10 coloring page total.

Not all children love to paint. But all of them love to play. With 365Coloring, you can turn coloring into a game where kids can color one page per day. Their artwork can be saved onto a gallery, which contains a built-in calendar that enables to go back and see the coloring pages based on a date.

ABC Coloring Book designed to teach the Alphabet while children enjoying coloring images. They can listen to letter pronunciation by pressing the alphabet list, choose a letter, and color its relevant image. The coloring is fun and easy, since children don't need to worry about painting outside of the lines. Suitable for pre-school children, but also for younger kids.

Another application that allows children to learn the letters of the alphabet from an early age is Paint ABC. In this app children painting the actual letters so they can have a better memory of their shape. Designed for those younger pre-school children who easily get bored, or have not yet learned to color-in images effectively. The coloring here is extremely fun, but the app could use some sound effects.

The only app in this list that is suitable for all ages is PaintSparkles. If for babies: let them tap their little fingers on the screen and listen to the delightful sound effects. If for older children: they can paint, learn the basic colors, and create magical painting. Most important, no matter where they tap on the screen, they will stay inside the app.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The correct way to write letters for the first time

Learning how to write can be quite frustrating..
I remember as a kid we had to write the same latter over and over and over again until we caught the idea - Pages on pages of writing.

I'm not suggesting that Alphabet Tracing will replace this ancient writing method, but as an additional tool, it can only come in handy.

The app lets your child trace Alphabet Letters and Numbers with a finger while showing the proper way to do it. Unlike the old way, it is fun, colorful, and easy. It is also most likely that a kid would want to "play" in the iPad instead of using an actual pencil.

Overall, Alphabet Tracing helps your child be better prepared for school.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

And on his Farm he had a Cow..

Searching the term 'Farm' at the iPad appstore gives about 400 results to browse at. Try to find something suitable for a young kid in this chaos. Young kids at the range of 2 to 4 years old, what do they like? Any app that simulates a real wooden jigsaw puzzle, works great for them (that's what I learned).
The Farm HD gives the exact experience, and much more.
There are three fun-zones overall:
  • Jigsaw Puzzles
  • Coloring Pages
  • Animals Sound Effects
The Farm combines these three into a magical farm that even Old MacDonald would want to live in. Every piece of flower, everything a finger touch on, makes a lovely sound. However, I couldn't find a way to mute the app music that runs in the background.. It might be annoying at some point.

5 readers can enjoy these codes:

The rest can download the free version here. Pocket farm (iPhone) is coming out next Friday.

KidsApp donate most of their promo codes to children with special needs association - Which is another reason to download their apps.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Cute Little Puzzle for Toddlers

Not sure how long this sweet app will be free, but if you have kids at the age of 2-4, try to grab this app as quickly is you can. The app contains Six animal puzzles were a kid can easily drag and drop an animal into its right shape. (similar to a realistic wood puzzle)

Nothing brilliant here but it's simplicity.

Little Fingers

I've decided to gather my kids iPad app recommendations into a blog.

I have no kids of my own (yet), but I do have 6 awesome nephews that adores this device so much, it will be great to follow more apps and examine their development as they grow into a whole new digital era.

Although I have zero time to maintain another blog, I really love the fact that my recommendations from now on will be searchable.

So here we go. Hope you'd enjoy the ride as much as I do.