Friday, May 20, 2011

Bedtime Routine for Children - There's An App For That

A new application called Sprout's Good Night Star simulates the steps before going to bed: brushing teeth, washing face, reading a bedtime story, etc. This application also contains videos with songs, and some important activities which related to what children do before they get into bed.

The app is interactive and can be a fun game just before bedtime. But otherwise, it can be a tool for parents with particularly stubborn children who refuse to go to bed on time, or alternatively to brush teeth, etc..

Although this is a promotion app for a kids TV program, I find it to be an excellent and entertaining one.
Suitable for 3 to 6 years old.



  1. Moms can actually use this app as form of natural sleep aids to help their kids maintain a regular sleeping pattern.

  2. What a cool app! Some kids rely on routine before they sleep. Without this routine, they find it difficult to doze off. With this app, it is easier for them to follow this routine even if you're leaving them with a babysitter. Just make sure your kids beds are comfortable.

  3. Seems like a nice app. I would discuss this to my wife and ask her if we could try this new method. It is very important to discuss and agree on a sleep strategy with spouse beforehand. Work together as a team to carry it out consistently. queen mattress

  4. The app are nice for kids i recently brought this app and some baby pillows for my kids.

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