Friday, May 13, 2011

Five Free Coloring-book Apps Worth Downloading

There are plenty of coloring apps in the Appstore, but most of them are not free, and if they are, they worth zero downloading. Why? They either look bad, using low resolution coloring pages, or lead outside the app almost immediately (ads, in-app fee, more).

I took these three basics under consideration while searching for the proper apps:
  1. Fun
  2. Educational
  3. Safe environment
Finally, I managed to find some treasures in an endless pile of applications:

Kids Color is a lovely coloring book, with a pleasant background music and an easy-to-use navigation tool for the young ones. The app comes from China and only recently added an English support (luckily). I've seen apps that cost money and doesn't look as good as this one. The only problem might be the fact that it has 10 coloring page total.

Not all children love to paint. But all of them love to play. With 365Coloring, you can turn coloring into a game where kids can color one page per day. Their artwork can be saved onto a gallery, which contains a built-in calendar that enables to go back and see the coloring pages based on a date.

ABC Coloring Book designed to teach the Alphabet while children enjoying coloring images. They can listen to letter pronunciation by pressing the alphabet list, choose a letter, and color its relevant image. The coloring is fun and easy, since children don't need to worry about painting outside of the lines. Suitable for pre-school children, but also for younger kids.

Another application that allows children to learn the letters of the alphabet from an early age is Paint ABC. In this app children painting the actual letters so they can have a better memory of their shape. Designed for those younger pre-school children who easily get bored, or have not yet learned to color-in images effectively. The coloring here is extremely fun, but the app could use some sound effects.

The only app in this list that is suitable for all ages is PaintSparkles. If for babies: let them tap their little fingers on the screen and listen to the delightful sound effects. If for older children: they can paint, learn the basic colors, and create magical painting. Most important, no matter where they tap on the screen, they will stay inside the app.


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