Monday, June 27, 2011

Your Child's First TV

I first heard about BabyFirst Mobile not too long ago, but hadn't yet had the chance to try out the app. Today, a promotion code landed in my inbox and reminded me it was time to examine the app.

To be honest, I’m used to usually just searching for free apps at the app store, but when it comes to children's app:
  1. Most of the apps aren’t free
  2. And if they are, they usually packed with advertising, or with in-app purchase.
There are some hidden treasures, of course, but those are hard to find.

The most common option for marketing an app is to create a lite app so people will be able to get a little taste of what is coming in the full version. Before reading the rest of my post, you might want to try the lite version first, and get your own preview.

Baby First TV is a colorful app designed to give young children their first TV experience. The app has 12 sections in different categories that are loaded with educational videos for kids.

In addition, there’s a parent's zone where they can customize the content to be visible or not.

No doubt that for $3.99 you get quite a lot content to keep your kids busy for a while. However, I couldn’t ignore some of the problematic navigation - for example: once your child is watching a video, he/she can't close out of it intuitively, (they will need to understand they have need to press the button in the corner for 2 seconds). I feel that this is useless button/function since if a child wants to switch videos, they should be able to do it quickly.

The second thing that I felt was missing is guidance, for the kids or the parents, or both. Moreover, I’d expect from this kind of product a better explanation of it's essence and purpose. It's too bad, the parent area looks a bit poor since ultimately it's them that have the purchasing power.

But if I wanted to focus on the content itself, it is absolutely wonderful, and I’m sure it is an app that kids will enjoy, regardless of what I say.


  1. That's great idea to use apps like this and iptv to monitor your kids at home, but be aware of being revealed cause it will cause conflicts between you and your kid

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