Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Best Free Halloween iPad Apps for Kids

There are so many Halloween Applications in the App store, so why it is so hard to find something worth playing with?! It seems to me that most of the games released around the date of Halloween holiday are trying to make money rather than to entertain your child, and that is a shame.

Since I choose apps carefully before recommending them here, I gathered some apps that are free, with no ads, and no in-app purchase surprises.

The first app has no external links in it, and it is just a playful game that will put a smile on a child's face. The Giggle Ghosts - Move 20 ghosts inside the house to start a party. Great sounds and graphics.

A sweet, and not scary at all, Halloween coloring book with no ads in it (which is probably the only free Halloween coloring book app in the entire app store that is with no advertising of any kind) Teo & Bianca Halloween Coloring Book

Halloween Puzzle allows children to drag and drop Halloween elements into places while playing some spooky melody in the background..

A simple Pumpkin Face Maker that easily allows to cut the pumpkin with your fingers to create a pumpkin face art. Unfortunately, there are no sharing options of any kind.

The Halloween Sound Shelf is a shelf full with Halloween related icons that each and every one of them makes a different sound (some might be scary for younger kids)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Cute or Disturbing?

This video published today in so many places, it was hard to ignore. 

First, it made me smile, and feel sympathy that even us, iPad owners, sometimes click on magazines as if it is a tablet. 

But I can't help from wondering at the end of the video if that is a good thing?
You would not want your child to know how newspaper/book feels

I encourage the use and learning through the iPad (I opened this blog because of that ), but I personally think that parents also need to set a balance between something physical into something virtual and digital.