Friday, October 14, 2011

Cute or Disturbing?

This video published today in so many places, it was hard to ignore. 

First, it made me smile, and feel sympathy that even us, iPad owners, sometimes click on magazines as if it is a tablet. 

But I can't help from wondering at the end of the video if that is a good thing?
You would not want your child to know how newspaper/book feels

I encourage the use and learning through the iPad (I opened this blog because of that ), but I personally think that parents also need to set a balance between something physical into something virtual and digital.


  1. This will be an interesting social and learning experiment - the first generation of children to be raised with ubiquitous touch technology.

    We learn by doing. It's not surprising to see a child try to press on a paper picture - it's supposed to be interactive isn't it? :-)

    As a "digital immigrant," I read a great deal on screen but prefer reading paper books and magazines at times. Do digital natives feel differently?

    Some unique aspects of experiencing atom-based books (borrowing from Negroponte's Being Digital) -- the tactile sensation of paper's texture, the various olfactory sensations from old and new paper, the visual sensation of light on paper and print. Perhaps we'll have a virtual option where we can somehow add those sensations to a digital experience. Then again, maybe some of us will keep paper books and magazines around show to kid # 8 billion in 2028 or thereabouts...

  2. Cute, not disturbing at provides an interesting perspective. I began with a sense of discomfort.. a "geeky mom" that reads Marie Claire? (there's a juxtaposition...) "experimenting" on her <1 year old? Oh C'mon its hardly an irreversible cognitive change.
    But I won't take this too seriously - its clearly not designed to be an infant development experiment, just commentary on what is a very real change in the way infants (and children including mine) interact and obtain knowledge from the world around them.
    The comment which inveighs against the sacred Steve Jobs as a responsible party? Funny. You gave her the iPad Mom. Now buy some good books (of course you have done that already) and take the ipad away for a bit. You may even give her a Wii controller one day...careful - that's irreversible damage in my experience!!!! And expect a Kindle or similar to appear in Kindergarden/school very soon. My kids order lunch using multitouch on their classroom whiteboard using a digital projector....but they don't come home and try to order dinner the same way, strangely enough. That would make a funny video too wouldn't it?
    Many parents experiment with a second language. Some even use sign language to promote early cognition and communication. Infants are extremely flexible and up until the age of ??(who knows exactly) can adapt in the way they learn and seek information. I doubt anything about your magazine experiment is hard wired - in fact it looks like an bit of a jab at multi-touch technology, which to me is impressive for the very reason this video exists. Even an infant can interact with a computer at 1 year?? Try giving her a mouse and I expect she will get virtually nothing done.
    It won't last her whole life as your video asserts in fun.., maybe not last a month if you toss her a few real books and show her how to "read" by modeling the behavior yourself (which is how I presume she learned multitouch in the first place along with trial and error)...

    But on a serious note - exposure to Marie Claire will do permanent damage - ...promoting unhealthy and disorderly eating habits (to lose weight and fit a skinny profile), promoting a distorted self image of women and demeaning people who are overweight.. Sorry to rant on Marie Claire but its really trash and should be kept at good distance from any child, especially a female child, especially one as impressionable and adaptive as your daughter...