Friday, April 13, 2012

Beautiful Email App Made For Children

Meet Maily. A safe and fun e-mail environment for children to send and receive e-mails with friends and family. With Maily, kids from 4 years old up can easily email family members using five fundamental tools: pencils, brushes, backgrounds, stickers and their own words using drawing (I would love to see an actual text keyboard for bigger children who want to say more than "hi grandma")

How does this works:

First download the iPad app (it's free).

Register yourself as a parent, aunt or any other member of the family. Only then you can register your kid. Once you do that (and don't worry, you can supervise each email your kid send or receive), you can easily add people to the contact list. Such as mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, etc. Finally you get to see both areas: The parents dashboard, and your kid area, where he/she can log in without any help from you, and start email away.
Their own personal inbox allows them to view and reply to e-mails from their friends and family. When their e-mail is created, they can easily send it to any of their friends and family.

Maily for iPad is only made for the needs of kids. Anyone who get an email sent by your child can open it by log in from the web app. Parents and contacts can reply from the parent dashboard. Maily also made it simple for the parents by creating adorable lovely short videos, with messages like: Good Night, Hello, Kiss, and more, for an easy and fun reply:

Can't wait to try it out with my 10 years old nephew. Only yesterday I promised I'll open a Gmail inbox just for him, but now that I've tested Maily, I might hold this promise back for a while..