Saturday, July 14, 2012

4 New iPad Apps for Kids Worth Downloading This Weekend [FREE]

Over the week I see so many great applications that I want to write about but not always have the time for it. So I think it will be a good idea to post several apps all together to enjoy over the weekends.

Starting this week with a wonderful game for kids at the age of 5 to 85 :)
Ballooned is an adventure game where kids needs to pops balloons using all kind of cute weapons. The game is colorful and very intuitive for younger kids, with lots of surprises along the way.

Car Wash is just as good as PepiBath (only this one is free). A game which allows kids to make a car really dirty, then clean it. I loved just about everything in this game: the graphics, music, fun caracters, and the overall concept - and I also believe the part of cleaning the car is actually educational.

A sweet coloring book with music and fun activity is Farm Play. Now, I've tried a lot of coloring book apps before, but this one if playful and very easy to color with. Might be too easy for kids older than 5 years old though. Also, only 10 coloring pages, but I'm sure your kids will want to go back and paint them over and over again (probably because of the fun music and sounds)

Glasses is an interactive eBook about a boy who wears glasses but they are little big for him..
It's a beautiful story with some fun objects and sound, but more important, it outline a common problem where children who just started (or need to) wear glasses have some difficulties with the new experience. This book will be perfect for them.

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