Thursday, July 19, 2012

Augmented Reality for Children. More of These Apps Please!

A collaboration between Johnson & Johnson and Disney, led to a super-magical app for kids!
BAND-AID application adds an Augmented Reality layer while pointing an iPhone or an iPad at a real band-aid. (made by Johnson & Johnson)

Obviously, this is a wonderful idea because it can reduce the fear and really help kids forget a scratch pain easily when turning the experience into a fun game. Needless to say kids can put a band-aid with no reason at all just to watch the cute Muppet videos that worth watching at any time!

Don't have this kind of band-aid and must try it now??
  • Download the application
  • Point the app on the band-aids on this post (find more on their Facebook page)
  • Choose your favorite Muppet (Kermit, Miss Piggy, and Gonzo)
  • and enjoy the show!
Augmented Reality is a real interesting technology to use in Advertising, and as shown here it definitely takes it to a whole new level. I sure hope we'll see more of this unusual marketing way on more products. Batter than any online banner or campaign, and can be used on-the-go. But most important, it's fun.

You can buy the Muppets Band-Aids in Amazon.


  1. Just bought 2packs in eBay (they don't ship to brasil)
    Actually when looking at the video now, I can't stop asking me how really rich is the application, and if it's not more than a gimmick.
    I mean- how many different animations and game options they have.

    Can't wait for my boxes to arrive

    1. The app comes with only 3 animations, all can be watch through the band-aid I've posted here. But when you have the real deal, I'm sure it will excites your kiddo more. I don't think kids will care to see many animations BTW, but the AR "miracle" itself.

      It is a Gimmick. And it's ok when it comes to promote a product so nicely.