Monday, December 3, 2012

Possibly The Best iPad App For Kids To Date

When I look at my iPad apps, I know I have just too many of them. After all, my nephews always goes to the same apps over and over again skipping everything they've already tried and never liked in the past.. and they are too young to even understand how impressive their behavior is.

This is why I decided to clean up some of the apps, and make room for new ones. This is when I found about Pango Playground, and I kid you not, if I enjoyed it so much, your kids will love it! This app is just pure fun and a basket of magical surprises - I can't wait to meet with my nephews next week to show them this one!

So what this app is all about?
4 scenes of playground where kids can click on any item to find what it does. They can also drag & drop objects around to find more surprises.
Magic at their fingertips! That what it is.

Now for the good part:
3 free codes for the first readers.

The app is for 2+ year old, but older kids might love it too.

Would love to hear what you think!
(and check out Pango website for more great apps)


  1. Thanks for the review and codes. It would be nice if the people who used the codes would comment and let everyone else know that they have been used.

  2. I totally agree.
    Not even a like..

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