Sunday, October 28, 2012

Stylus for Kids - Works with Thousands of Apps

Whenever I want to draw or sign something on my iPad, I use my Stylus. It feels morenatural in the hand and the results are much better than using fingers. When it comes to toddlers, I'm sure fingers will do just fine, but bigger kids that don't want to color outside the lines, or want to draw something from scratch, or even write, Stylus is a wonderful tool for just that.

I recently got some samples to give away from a company called DanoToys. What I love about their Stylus is the fact it is completely designed for kids. It feels like you're holding a crayon, and even when you use it on the iPad you need to press a little in order to make it work, not like any other Stylus I know when painting is very smooth, almost too smooth. With this Stylus, the physical sense is absolutely brilliant.

The Crayon Stylus comes with AppCrayon where your kids can learn how to write and practice traditional motor skills while playing their favorite Apps. There are thousands of coloring and eLearning apps on the store that you can use with this Stylus, and I simply can't think of one reason why your kid won't love it. I would also encourage them to take it to school if they allowed to use a tablet there.

It says here on the package that this product can be used from 3 year old of age and up. I'm almost sure my two years nephew would love it as well as my 10 years one. What can I say, I want to use it instead of my grownup Stylus.. it is that good.

Luckily for you I have two Crayon Stylus to give away so all you need to do is to write down in the comments that you want one, and I'll pick two readers randomly. (only people with kids, or nephews at a suitable age please)

Available at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Walgreens for $9.99