Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disney Tales on the iPad - Extraordinary Reading Experience for Children (now on sale)

Once upon a time.. Tablets were not exist, and therefore there wasn't much need for book applications. Today, it is a whole different story. Oh wait, it is the same story, only on the iPad!

Seriously, who doesn't love Disney classics? They are the stories that made us fall in love with Disney characters and faraway lands that will be in our imaginations forever.

Book applications are very dear to my heart and it always amazes me how they comes to life when adding a layer of interactivity, and additional tools such music, paint, and games. It doesn't mean kids won't use their imagination anymore, if anything, their imagination will only grow stronger. The story is more realistic, but children are likely to imagine what more is there? What is like to live on the Jungle? How does it feel to fly like Dumbo? Can I be a pirate too?

I have downloaded five Disney stories to my iPad this morning: Dumbo, Jungle book, Peter Pan, Bambi, and Aristocats. Two hours later I realized I'm still playing with the books like a little kid. I just couldn't stop listening to the magical stories that I grew up with.

Each story is accompanied by magnificent paintings and videos of the original characters, and a very pleasant music that plays throughout the story. Just like you can expect from Disney!

My most favorite book app is The Jungle Book, but all of the Disney books are worth downloading, then you and your kid can go on a magical adventure travel together (a pretty long one as the books are not that short)

One thing that I would like to advise Disney is to add a pause button to pages. But this is the only negative thing I could find.

You can download the apps for only $.99 cents each (ridiculous price for such books). The sale runs until Monday, March 18th.

Here are some free codes for the first lucky readers:

Dumbo Disney Classics: EHRH4Y6XRPW3

Jungle Book Disney Classics: N6L7R9N6XTWP

Peter Pan Disney Classics: LR33RNWE4PKJ

Bambi Disney Classics: MANWJ4JK39TF

Aristocats Disney Classics: 3FLFERJRYF6Y


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