Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toca Boca Builders Can Build Pretty Much Anything!

Ever since I watched this video last week I wanted to try this game:
Now that the game is out the only bad thing I can really say about it, is that you or your kid  is going to waste a great deal of time on it.

I would first say this is probably a game for kids at the age of 5 and up. It's not easy at first, but once you get the idea, it's like having a mini version of minecraft on your iPad. A colorful, and awesome one though.

There are six builders that you don't really need to know their names, but it helps to know how does each of them works:
  1. Blox: Great at dropping and smashing blocks
  2. Cooper: A fantastic painter (my favorite one!)
  3. Vex: Amazing at putting blocks in stacks
  4. Stretch: Specialized at placing blocks anywhere
  5. Connie: Enjoys lifting and moving blocks
  6. Jum-Jum: Loves to spray paint
This is by far the most interesting game released by Toca Boca - and one that kids can spend hours playing with (unlike their other applications), so if you look for a great time-waster this weekend, this is it! and again, it is NOT just for kids.

App costs $0.99 but based on Toca-Boca history, it might be free sooner or later. But hey, why wait?? It is definitely an app worth a download, now

Friday, June 14, 2013

This Weekend Top 5 Wonderful iPad Apps For Kids

Weekends are great for spending some time on the iPad, and usually kids have the extra time to do so. Therefore, there is no better time to download some apps that you (the parents) might have missed.

I got an email from a nice mom the other day, with this message:
My husband and my daughters - ages 6 and 8 - have been working together to create some apps. One of them, MixUp DressUp, gives even the most uncoordinated of hands the opportunity to create an elegant and fun dress-up creation with just a swipe of their fingers. The app also provides an easy way for kids to record their own fashion-forward comments about the outfits they create. MixUp DressUp is a collaborative project between the app developer and his two daughters, Anna (age 8) and Ava (age 6). The girls designed all of the dresses and added their voices to the app; Pop did the programming and user interface.
I adore creativity, and when parents let their kids be involved in the process the outcome is magical.
This cute app is free, but you have the option to buy more collections from Anna & Eva's dress shop.

Apple free app of the week is the wonderful Hair Salon 2 app by TocaBoca, and when it comes to their apps, no need for a long introduction, you just go ahead and download it. I learned that no matter if your kid is 2 or 11 years old, they can both enjoy the app. That is why I like TocaBoca apps, they are very intuitive to toddlers, and at the same time, older kids find them interesting as well. Not to mention this 40 year old blogger.. 

This musical box of sound surprises is perfect for toddlers! Introduce children to sound and music with this magical app – just shake, rattle and tap! Listen for cheerful chimes, horns, drums, animals and more. Your little one is sure to laugh and giggle as they play. Best part it is free, with no in-app purchases or third-party advertising so you and your child are free to discover without interruptions.

What is better than your kid singing? Your kid singing and you get a video of this special moment! Singa (what a great name for an app!) is all about having fun and treasure the moments. Just choose the song and sing along - click on the recording button, save videos of the whole family singing, and create great fun memories together. 

Last but not least (and the only app that is not free), is the Imaginary Car by the wonderful Pango. First, if you don't yet downloaded Pango's other apps, you are missing on some great adventures. Their apps are the most awesome kids apps in the store today.

The Imaginary Car allows children to build their fantasy car, Choose between fifty different objects: a tractor wheel, a fridge, a truck horn, rocket engines ...Combine them and create the car of your dreams. There is no limit to your imagination. You can also build from existing templates such as a fire truck, helicopter, or a robot submarine.
I personally think this app is genius:

For easy download and preview of all the apps, click here or use the widget below: