Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 Awesome iPad Apps For Toddlers This Week

The more we get closer to Christmas, the more we have a chance to find magical apps in the store.
Here are the most elegant and free apps I discovered this week. And I'm very happy to see the so needed attention to parental control on most of these apps.

Sago Mini Forest Flyer:
A new and snowy version to the wonderful Forest Flyer by Sago Mini. Kids follow the cute Pink Bird while she explore the area, through lots of interactive surprises along the way.
From my experience this app won't stay free for a long time, better to grab it now. I also advise you to check Sago Mini other Applications, because really, all of them are super great.

Terri's Coloring Pages:
There are so MANY coloring apps in the store today, why would you download this one? Simply because the pictures are beautiful and original, the coloring pencils are easy to function, and there is no distraction, nor ads, nor nothing. Just a really good coloring book app.

Lipa Zoo:
Learning about animals of all kind is just so easy with this app. Children learn about group of animals and the areas they live in. Their are 10 different animal groups, and kids need to go through 10 levels to see them all. Cute, colorful, and suitable for kids at the age 1 to 3.

DuckieDeck Baby Tunes:
Baby Tunes designed for toddlers as young as 12 months, who are getting to know different sounds in their environment. The apps shaped like a piano with colorful keyboard, make it extremely easy to play with. Make sure to click three times on an element to change it.

Savanna Animals:
This app is not about much. In fact, it's just a page with some animals and their sounds. However, kids at a very young age can't interact much with the iPad, so to have them listen to a bunch of a cute animals might actually be enough. You can find many similar apps on the store, I just bump into this one today and thought it worth trying.