Thursday, March 28, 2013

7 Free Games and Activities Worth Downloading This Weekend!

For this weekend I gathered some cool applications for kids of all ages. From toddlers, to bigger children. The applications are free so you can download them all and let your kids deiced what they like best, or maybe not like at all. I found out that no matter what age I suggest, kids have their own way of experiencing games, and it's not always based on their age..

Like always, most of the apps clean of advertisement.

To continue what I mentioned before, this app for example, can be considered as a toddler app, or an app that unleash bigger kids creativity. In anyway, it is a cute applicatios that enables to create all kind of pretty odd characters from unusual interactive pieces. The interactivity and sound effects makes this app so fun to play with. Strange in a way, but oh so cute.

Tap & Sing
OK, this one is fun for the whole family. Just choose the melody and start sing with a bunch of cute little characters. Very much similar to another great App called: Monster Chorus (a must download as well), but here the chorus is larger and can sing in several voices. Funny, animated, colorful, is what this is.

Paint & Music
The App Store is loaded with coloring books of any kind and it is really hard to judge what is the best App out there. I'm sure there are several and the list just continue to grow every day. However, I thought this one worth the mention for its very clean layout. Kids can choose from a group of themes (in app purchase is also available), open the music player, and paint in a relaxing atmosphere. Overall, a very pleasant app.

Little Fox
What LittleFox has to offer I haven't seen anywhere else, and it is a really fine content. Lots of it. In fact, the App features 200 animated stories and 30 animated songs, available for free. Plus, a new free story every day. And no, the content is not coming from Youtube unlike other video apps I know. Kids can browse the content, and save favorite to bookshelf. Parents can see their kids progress and usage of the app through a build in analytic. Highly recommended, for hours of good entertainment.

My Own Stuffed Animals
This App reminds me of Shidonni - A playground for kids where they can play with friends and animated characters that can come to life through their painting. This App is doing the come to life part. Kids can paint whatever they like, and order their paint as stuffed animal to deliver to their house. Now, how lovely is that?

Busy Dad, Hi Tech Dude
I'm not a big fan of TabTale apps. They are always full with advertisement mostly to promote their other apps (which is ok, but it feels just too aggressive to me). I'll ignore it this time because of this specific story. Seems to me that a lot of kids can probably relate to the fact that Dad is just too busy for them. If you that kind of Dad, read this with your children and see their reaction.

Team Awesome
I personally love games when you can navigate through your fingers and not necessarily have to shake your iPad.. this one is the absolute perfect! Lots of missions, heroes, hidden surprises and fun fun fun! Not for toddlers, but anyone who can fly an hero with a touch of a finger, can play this Awesome game. Even you!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Disney Tales on the iPad - Extraordinary Reading Experience for Children (now on sale)

Once upon a time.. Tablets were not exist, and therefore there wasn't much need for book applications. Today, it is a whole different story. Oh wait, it is the same story, only on the iPad!

Seriously, who doesn't love Disney classics? They are the stories that made us fall in love with Disney characters and faraway lands that will be in our imaginations forever.

Book applications are very dear to my heart and it always amazes me how they comes to life when adding a layer of interactivity, and additional tools such music, paint, and games. It doesn't mean kids won't use their imagination anymore, if anything, their imagination will only grow stronger. The story is more realistic, but children are likely to imagine what more is there? What is like to live on the Jungle? How does it feel to fly like Dumbo? Can I be a pirate too?

I have downloaded five Disney stories to my iPad this morning: Dumbo, Jungle book, Peter Pan, Bambi, and Aristocats. Two hours later I realized I'm still playing with the books like a little kid. I just couldn't stop listening to the magical stories that I grew up with.

Each story is accompanied by magnificent paintings and videos of the original characters, and a very pleasant music that plays throughout the story. Just like you can expect from Disney!

My most favorite book app is The Jungle Book, but all of the Disney books are worth downloading, then you and your kid can go on a magical adventure travel together (a pretty long one as the books are not that short)

One thing that I would like to advise Disney is to add a pause button to pages. But this is the only negative thing I could find.

You can download the apps for only $.99 cents each (ridiculous price for such books). The sale runs until Monday, March 18th.

Here are some free codes for the first lucky readers:

Dumbo Disney Classics: EHRH4Y6XRPW3

Jungle Book Disney Classics: N6L7R9N6XTWP

Peter Pan Disney Classics: LR33RNWE4PKJ

Bambi Disney Classics: MANWJ4JK39TF

Aristocats Disney Classics: 3FLFERJRYF6Y