Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sago Mini Apps Are Super Cute & Fun, Your Kids Will Love Them - Guaranteed!

There are several names in the App Store that you know you can download without being worried about your kid experience. Names such as: Toca-Boca, Disney, Sesame-Street and more. Not many, but there are more. Sago-Mini is one of them. 

I've downloaded most of their Apps and quickly found out that these are the favorite apps among my youngest nephews, ages 1.5 to 4. But not just that, I've also noticed my nephews are always smiling when playing with Sago-mini's Apps and that is because the Apps are really cute and fun to play with! Also, the characters that repetitively appear in all the apps, look adorable and make sweet sounds. Kids love these things. 

If I had to choose one or two Apps that I like better from a list of 9 Apps Sago-Mini has to offer, I'd definitely go with: Forest Flyer (winter/summer), and Ocean Swimmer (now free to download). Both Apps tells a story of a cute character, a bird in Forest Flyer, and a fish in Ocean Swimmer, and lead the kids into their magical worlds. 

Sago-Mini's Apps are perfectly suitable for toddlers, have great sense of humor, contains lovely drawings, and memorable sounds. 

I highly recommend it!